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Academic Platforms is a full service education development company serving University and specialty education markets.  We offer to handle I.T. foundation requirements, course construction, standards administration, student and teacher training, SIS integrations and operation of your online system, so you don't have to become an expert in the processes with expensive full-time employees. Contact us to find out how to go from zero to online expert in a very short time. We fix unhappy or broken systems as well.

Welcome to Academic Platforms

Our friendly staff will put your mind at ease by guiding you though our processes to gently work with teachers while we do the work to get your online classes up and running. You ask, we make changes. You brainstorm ideas, we produce.

What we do

Ideas and action... Listed below are services we provide to our customers.

Best Practice

We create a consistent look and feel that enables students to adapt and adopt quicker.

Student Support

We supply students with 24/7 support to ensure each student can maximize their learning experience.

Class Development

WE DO THE WORK, enabling teachers to be teachers and IT Staff to be IT Staff. We’ve created a uniform-phased approach to class construction.

Teacher Support

We are just a phone call away from any impromptu adjustments, strategic discussions, and ensuring you receive the most value out of your system.


We help you build classes with student mastery and accreditation in mind.


I.T. Services and Specialty Integrations. We will take your university to the next level with cutting-edge technology and expertise, serving as a foundation for many years to come.

Laser Focused Results

Class designs that look and feel like they make intuitive sense. No more student confusion and lengthy training times. Let us show you how we make educating the student easy.

Bethel University

  1. 15 Days - Up and Running
    Your system will be customized to your University look and feel, hosted on the 99.9% uptime AWS and ready to go in less than a month of signing.
  2. 15-30 Minutes - Students and Teachers Up and Running
    It takes a student or teacher an average of 15-30 minutes to get comfortable with the system when working with our staff.
  3. 1 Day - Classes in as Little as a Day
    Our staff does the work to build your classes at the pace you need and then works with your teaching staff to create the standards your University demands.

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